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    Welcome to EventGuyZ

    We will use our expertise and experience to plan, execute and manage your events, pre-wedding functions & wedding. Our clients need not worry about last minute details or emergency on the big day.

  • Minister Services provided

    We have a non-denominational minister we have used since the beginning (2007).  He performs weddings and funerals. He works with you to customize your service so its what you want, not like other ministers that give you a choice of A or B.

    Click here for more information

  • Event Ticket Management

    When your event requires ticket management system we have experience is using multiple methods to include Point of Sale systems our Event GuyZ copyrighted system for Will Call and Box Office Management.

  • DJ Service for all your music needs

    Many of the events we host like some music either as background sound to drown out the feeling of boredom or as a main focus to get the crowd on their feet having fun.  Whatever you want, is what we deliver.  It's not our event, we are just the professionals to help you make your event a success following your vision.

  • Event Money Management

    We work with events of all sizes and you may have to address a method of tracking sales, especially when not using a Point of Sale system.  Our EventGuyZ copyrighted system will help you track income brought in from multiple areas, booths, product type.


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