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This is a blog discussing employment opportunities and job opportunities.  How to prepare for jobs

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Military Career STEP 6 (Tech Training)

Technical School typically comes after your Basic Training.  Now based on what job the military assigns you depends on where you will be going for your schooling.  Example for the Air Force they have four bases for Technical Training which include: Goodfellow AFB, TX Lackland AFB, TX (so in short you go to training where you went to basic) Sheppard AFB, TX Keesler AFB, MS


rev.dennis in Training

Military Career STEP 5 (Basic Military Training)

As you can imagine this is one of the toughest parts about joining the service.  Some call it boot camp, some call it basic training and some call it hell.  During this time, they are testing you mentally, emotionally and physically.  No matter what branch of service they need to make sure before they hand you a gun or work on a multi-million dollar piece of equipment or put others in harms way the military needs to know that you won't loose your crap when shit gets real. How long is Basic


rev.dennis in Training

Military Career STEP 4 (MEPS)

Military Entry Processing Station (MEPS) - Physical Testing This will include things like: Various medical exam (prepare to cough, lol) Background check (no criminal record, felonies, etc) Delayed Entry Program (DEP) swear-in Job counseling Choose your availability date for basic training Medical Examination They are making sure you pass physically regardless of what you told the recruiter.  While at MEPS you will be examined by a Physician so


rev.dennis in MEPS

Military Career STEP 3 (Required Documents)

Now that you got your ASVAB score where you want it you need the following documents so go ahead and start putting them together so you aren't rushing to find them last minute Birth Certificate Social Security Card (not a copy) High School diploma or GED Drivers License College Transcripts (if any) Medical Records Casefile??  not sure what this is but the recruiter will tell ya  Some notes you should know If you are wearing a unifo


rev.dennis in Documentation

Military Career STEP 2 (ASVAB TEST)

Is the military your choice for a career?  It's not a bad choice and if you ask me I believe we Americans should do what Italians do and require everyone who graduates serve their country for a minimum of two years.  Then they have the choice to either stay with the military and work towards and nice retirement or go the public sector and find a job with a company. If the military is your choice, you should probably practice the ASVAB testing which practice testing is available on this webs


rev.dennis in ASVAB

Military Career STEP 1 (Recruitment Interview)

When you are 17 you can go talk to a recruiter and you should have some questions to ask your recruiter regardless of what branch of service you want to join. If you set a time to meet a military recruiter, be courteous and show up at that time. Prove you're reliable and a person of your word by arriving at the time you said you would. It shows you respect your own time and that of the person you're meeting. Be on Time!! One important note to keep in mind: Just because you talk to a re


rev.dennis in Recruitment

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