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Current Donation Goals

Our Holy Church

Your donations go towards helping those in need.  So many people need some help and unfortunatly not enough people want to help or know how.  We do our best to do the helping but being a non-profit we have limited funds.  Any donation you provide will go to a good purpose.

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Battle with Cancer

All proceeds goes towards helping those that are fighting cancer of all kinds.

Speaking from experience, the fight to stay alive when battling cancer gets very expensive.  Some common increases to your ongoing expenses include

  • traveling (driving back and forth to the doctors and treatment centers sometimes every day can rack up one heck of a fuel bill)
  • medicine (even with or without an HSA card, the medicine they give is not inexpensive and copays add up) 
  • hospital bills (you spend alot of time in the hospital and even though the food sucks it doesn't show that on the huge bills you get)
  • so much more

Any funds donated goes towards helping those fighting cancer that could use a smile and some help by showing the world cares about them so continue to fight.


Raised $1,300

Maintain this Website 2022

If you find anything on this website helpful it would be great to receive a small contribution to help keep the site going.

As you can see, we don't ask for any money and all the information and helpful topics you may find useful are free to you but they cost us money.

Breakdown of cost to us

  • LiquidWeb Hosting: $800/year
  • Site Software: $300/year

No worries, if we don't get the funds we do our best to make sure the site stays functioning.  Any donation really helps the site owners to a case or dinner and it shows you like the site and to keep going.

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